Forget printing on the iPad.

And forget file sharing too, for the moment.

What you really want is to retrieve your files and get to work on your iPad.


Until today the only way to do this was to e-mail them to myself or transfer them through iTunes.  And then you’re in format Hell, because the word processor isn’t Word! I have this week-in-review sheet that I fill out and a travel log. Excel, Word basics, simple stuff, but you guessed it:

  • Couldn’t load it on the iPad (remember the email/iTunes thing)
  • Had to email it to myself to work on it
  • From the email I got a document that was view only
  • DocsToGo ($10) simply wasn’t Excel, and the table in Word just fell apart.


Then I discovered QuickOffice ($10). In fact I’m using it now!

Word and Excel work like MicroSoft products except now it’s a totally gesture/tap environment. QuickOffice does other things Word wishes it did: self correct while you type, make a period via double spacebar, add contractions, capitalize the i. It’s actually fun to try to stump the software. It also auto saves and if you have to leave, you know to multitask, just reopen the program and you’re right back where you left.

And then there are the links to file storage sites like GoogleDocs, Dropbox, and MobileMe. Get to a file with your iPad anytime. Open it, work on it, and put it back, updated. E-mail to your audience (it does that too).


Hey, who cares if you can’t print? (yet)


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  1. whitney mihoulides said:

    Great post & I love that the CT DEN LC blog is now connected to your twitter account! You should check out the new Discovery Education Geography App released yesterday!

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