Introducing our Canadian DEN Star Sarah Thompson

sarah-thompson.JPGHello! My name is Sarah Thompson and I am a Grade 5/6 teacher at Chief Poundmaker School in central Saskatchewan. I am teaching through my first year in a wonderful community that is very supportive and welcoming. I am very excited that the school is registered with Discovery Education.I became a DEN member after attending the Spring Virtual Conference. I was amazed by the presenters and their presentations really blew me away! I was absolutely driven to become a DEN Star by the end of the Conference.I have used Discovery Education streaming and Discovery Science to engage students in their learning.The PowerPoint presentations, videos and assessment tools are easy to use and are relevant with curriculum outcomes. I look forward to using the classroom manager feature in order to assign digital media and track assignments and explore Canada with the new Atlas tool.On a personal note, I graduated from teacher’s college in Windsor, Ontario. I am a member of Scouts Canada and Girl Guides of Canada and credit these organizations to my teaching career. I enjoy camping, canoeing, reading, teaching music and spending time with family and friends.I am anticipating the Summer Institute so that I can meet other DEN members and learn through their expertise about all that Discovery Education has to offer.



  1. Karen Goldman said:

    Sarah, Congratulations on being a DEN Star! I am looking forward to meeting you soon at the Summer Institute.

  2. Clint said:


    Welcome to the DEN! We are so glad to have you.


  3. Haryanne said:

    Hello Sarah, I am from Brazil and I am enjoing a lot all the apresetations too. My students love this web site. I have two groups, one with 5 and 6 years and another with 7, 8 and 9. What do you think if our students be friends by the internet?


  4. Whitney Mihoulides said:

    Congrats on the new DEN stardom!!! We are excited to have you as part of the crew!

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