Welcome our New DEN Star Lloyd Roche


Hi! I am Lloyd Roche, the ICT Consultant for Evergreen School Division in Gimli, Manitoba Canada. I work closely with all the schools in the Division and with every teacher and staff member in every department including administration and clerical.

I have 25 years experience teaching at the high school in Riverton, which is part of Evergreen School Division. I have been seconded by the Department of Education to promote Distance Education in the Province. I have played a leading role in the establishment of the first fibre optic network used in education for a fully interactive instructions system.  As a teacher I was the recipient of many different awards, such as the Prime Minister’s Award of Excellence awarded to teachers across Canada, and a Smart Award awarded to educators for contributing towards creating smarter communities in Manitoba.

I have served as the ICT Consultant for Evergreen School Division over the past 17 years and have organized and hosted the annual Riding the Wave of Change Conference over the past 17 years where educators from Canada and the United States come to participate and present in sessions covering timely issues in technology and education.

My pastimes include, enjoying family activities, travel, carpentry, landscaping, sports (I have also coached many sports teams to regional and provincial championships), along with a variety of activities involving technology. A lot of my time is dedicated to helping others.

Evergreen School Division has licensed every school to take advantage of Discovery Education streaming, a digital video-based learning resource, as a tool to increase student achievement. I arranged to have Discovery Education to participate in Riding the Wave of Change 2010, and as a result introduced educators from all over the province to this valuable resource. I have arranged for Discovery Education to provide workshops to Evergreen teachers in our Summer Institute held in Evergreen, Manitoba.

Evergreen School Division will be making extensive use of Discovery Education in the classroom in the upcoming years. Teachers are expanding their use of students accounts and are taking advantage of the many Canadian DEN Webinars that will assist in the infustion of ICT resources, such as digital media, into the classroom. The implementation of Literacy with ICT Across the Curriculum has been a priority in the province and Evergreen.

I am excited to be a part of Discovery Education and look forward to attending the Discovery Education Summer Institute in Boston and the continued integration of digital media within our classrooms.



  1. TechyNana said:

    Hi, Lloyd,
    You are one busy educator! Welcome to the DEN. I am sorry I won’t meet you at the Institute but hope to meet your LC at the LC Symposium.

  2. Whitney Mihoulides said:

    Welcome to the DEN! We are excited to have you!

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