Teaching and Learning in Today's World – Lessons From the Field

Are you missing school, the rush to end the year, packing it in, learning and teaching? On education withdrawal? I’ve got the perfect solution. Lehigh County Technical Institute is offering a three-day powerhouse of presentations “from the field” with teachers and instructional coaches showcasing a wide range of 21st century learning topics, tools, and trends. But best of all, some DEN STARS are shining bright as we welcome a summer workshop filled with grab-and-go instructional methodologies. Although LCTI advertised their offerings early, you still just might make registration if you act quickly. Take a look at this packed schedule of relevant options for learning and teaching in today’s world.
Teaching and Learning in Today’s World- Lessons From the Field

My colleagues and our very own PA DEN STARS Jennifer Brinson and Lynn Fuini-Hetten alone could fill your day plus with 4 stellar presos, including Jen going solo on I’d Like to Teach the World to Ning (can’t wait for this one), and teaming with Lynn on Students FLIP for Movie Making, Differentiated Instruction (created in conjunction with Jennifer Aponick; I’ve seen this one and it’s great!), Rediscovering Discovery (Jen is part of the Wilkes-Discovery Masters Program), and Tap into Thinkfinity. You can find Jen and Lynn’s teaching and learning resources on Brinson’s wiki. I’m excited to see my colleagues in action and touch base with friends I haven’t seen for a while. Even though we just ended school yesterday, I know this week promises to be fun-filled with relevant lessons from the field.

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