DEN Webinars: What would you like to see?

Each and every school year, DEN educators offer professional growth opportunities online that promote teaching and learning. In addition to the wonderful team with DEN, they have brought us sessions with some of the most respected individuals that the world of Discovery has to offer: from best-selling authors like Daniel Pink to environmental icons, like Phillipe Cousteau.

The webinars cover a variety of topics from research to implementation, keeping you on the cutting edge of trends for education and technology. But maybe there was something that you didn’t see that should have been in the professional development lineup. Maybe you wish there was a certain topic that got some attention. Wouldn’t it be nice to request something like that?

POOF! Wish granted.

The DEN team wants to know…well…what YOU want to know! Complete this brief online survey to share your input on what you would like to see offered next year. It’s a great opportunity to let the DEN community know what you’re thinking. And who knows- maybe someone else is thinking the same thing!

If you’re attended any webinars last year or any other year, what was your favorite? Let the SC DEN know by leaving a comment below. And if you can’t pick just one, we completely understand.

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