ISTE 2010

This weekend the ISTE 2010 Conference kicks off in Denver. I am fortunate to be able to go and combine a little technology, with mountains, and old friends, three things dear to my heart. Even if you are not in a role as a pure technologist in your teaching, every teacher who uses technology deserves to go to ISTE at least once in their teaching career. It is always held the end of June / early July and like most major national conferences rotates its location around the country. It is a gentle little soiree where you and 10,000 of your closest friends and every possible tech vendor under the sun get together. Really, it is just an overwhelming rush of techno-bliss as wave after wave of new ideas and products hit your psyche. As they always do Discovery has several special events planned (especially for DEN Stars attending the conference), one of which is at the Denver Zoo that I am loathe to miss on Saturday (sorry Whitney, I am hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park until Sunday).

One of the things I try to do  at large conferences to maximize my time is to create a list of questions that I need answers too for my district. I have about a dozen things on my question list, from, to office time with the Wikispaces staff, to a product new to me called Pixie.We may be doing new school(s) in my district or major renovations (if the taxpayers agree) and I will be keeping a sharp eye out for what is cutting edge to bring those ideas home and into the project.

If you have not had the chance  to attend an ISTE conference it is worth the trip. As you can see, I tend to attend when it is in cities that allow me to combine some vacation time with the trip. However, for us here in Connecticut, next year’s gathering is in Philadelphia making it doable as a day trip by car or train. More when I return.


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