Jennifer Brinson Would Like to Teach the World to Ning and Rediscover Discovery

I just love attending conferences when I have the presenter’s materials at my fingertips. Even better if the materials are online, embeddable, with samples, additional resources, and alternatives. Best case scenario: I have the information before the presentation. Guess that’s why I always enjoy seeing Jennifer Brinson‘s name on a workshop, webinar, or conference. It doesn’t hurt that she is a colleague, friend, and almost daughter, as well as a DEN STAR and PA Leadership Council Events team member. She is, despite our friendship, a consummate professional, and I always learn something from her. Perhaps it’s her sense of humor or maybe that she’s just really comfortable presenting. Whatever it is, she engages her audience, give some introductory material, and then lots of hands on help.

If you missed her presentation at Lehigh County Technical Institute on June 22, here’s here Ning Prezi.

You can find her resources for all 4 presentations on her shsinstructionaltools wiki under LCTI – 21st Century Teaching and Learning. Guess you could say her presentation was a rousing success. I now have membership in 6 Nings, including professional and avocational interests. Our learning session was largely a Salisbury group, so I know that each of us set up an educational Ning for our classes. Thanks, Jen, for teaching us to Ning!

If you are a Discovery Education fan and want to Rediscover Discovery, or want to learn more about Discovery’s incredible resources, I can recommend Jen’s presentation resources (because I have seen this presentation before). Here it is:

Discovery Education

Instructional Media Graduate Program in cooperation with Wilkes University and Discovery Education

DiscoveryBasics for LCTI.ppt


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