Summer Enrichment

I know all of you are enjoying your summer break along with all the workshops you are taking in. I’ve picked up some new ideas and I’ve had refresher courses on topics that I’ve already been using.

The Flip camera has been a big topic this summer in a lot of workshops. We all know the flip has been around a long time, but have you seen all the new ones. Still so many new ways to work with them. One teacher shared that they have students use the “Flip” as an assessment tool. A coach shared he videos his pole vaulters and then lets them see what they need to correct or how well they did. 

If you haven’t tuned into Diigo yet, now is a good time to check out all the resources and ideas there. Also check out the Wall below that was created by Jennifer and look at all the ways Arkansas Educators love using Discovery.  While you are there, post your comment. 

 I would love to have some of you share what you are learning this summer. If you would like to be a guest blogger please let me know. Have a safe and Happy summer break.


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