Teachable Moments

Even during the summer months when I should be relaxing and lesson planning should be the furthest thing from my mind, I find that I can’t turn off my teacher brain.

Like most people, from the moment that I turn on the morning news I am bombarded with news of the oil spill disaster in the Gulf. But being a science teacher who lives on the gulf coast, I find myself looking for ways to make a real world connection to my students. Thanks to my personal learning network, I have been able to compile some resources to use in the fall to teach my students about the effects of the oil spill both in our back yard as well as throughout the entire world. I hope the resources that I provide are informative and are resources that you can incorporate into your classroom whether you live on the gulf coast of Florida or somewhere else in the world.


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  1. Cheryl said:

    Hey Bekka… how can we, as educators, not use those teachable moments? When an event is happening and the students are grasped by it, is when it becomes real to them, and teaching them when they are the most interested phase is what it is all about….

    Sometimes, matching the current news with the standards that have to be met are the best thing to happen!

    This oil spill effects so many things, now and in our future, that we can use it to teach math, science, reading, etc etc…

    Thanks for the additional resources!

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