Teachers FLIP For Movie Making

The presentation’s title was Students FLIP for Movie Making, but when Lynn Fuini-Hetten and Jennifer Brinson presented at LCTIs Teaching and Learning in Today’s World workshop, it was the teachers who were FLIPping over our PA DEN STARS and their “lesson from the field.” I wish I could have attended this session but I was not available Tuesday; however, I did attend Dr. Lodge McCammon’s DENPreCon@PETE&C special session, so I was familiar with their adaptation of Fizz Man.

Jen and Lynn began with an explanation of the FLIP camera, and then introduced their task. Each team of teachers was given still images and a script. They produced quick videos about the food chain, volleyball rules, the assassination of Lincoln, or The Outsiders. Definitely interdisciplinary. The videos were narrated with still images moving in and out of the frame like Common Craft videos. This idea is such a great integration project, so if you are looking for a short and easy project, I recommend this concept heartily. If you are not familiar with Common Craft, take a look at how Lee and Sachi LeFever simplify Augmented Reality.

From what I heard on the last day of this workshop, this presentation was well-received. If you happened to miss it, here are your resources, compliments of Brinson’s shsinstructionaltools wiki.

Additional Resources:

Brinson is gearing up for her annual student trek to Europe, this year England and Ireland. With packing and such, I wasn’t expecting her to upload a video, but she came through, as always. Here’s your sample and I’m guessing you will FLIP for it!

LCTI Flip Videos from Jennifer Brinson on Vimeo.

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