ISTE 2010 Keynote

Going to the ISTE Conference for me is a way to get rejuvenated about what I do on a daily basis.  Take a look at the latest innovations in technology, reconnect with other geeks and have a little fun.The ISTE keynote is a great way to get the conference off on a positive note the speakers in the past have made me think, do some soul searching and energized me to look at issues in a new light.  Last night Helen Padgett got the conference off to a great start with her opening remarks on “Global Educators” making the connections that we can transform education. Jean-Françoise Rischard somehow was not the inspiration I was looking for as a keynote speaker.  I think that perhaps he was at the wrong conference his keynote speech would have been better received at the G20 Summit.  I understand what he was trying to communicate but I think he should have done an audience check before accepting this gig.

More on the conference late… off to “Teaching with Moodle”


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