ISTE 2010 Exhibit Hall

I feel a little remiss not posting more to the TN DEN blog as I enjoy the hot summer days of ISTE 2010 in DENver, CO.  Most of my reflections and notes are made on my personal blog since I set that up as an ISTE blog before the conference.  However, I did want to mention a couple of things here for those of you may not read my updates there.

First, I put together a small video of just some of the things going on in the exhibit hall.  The Discovery booth and DEN members are sort of highly visible, and I make no apologies for that. LOL

Second, along with the regular Discovery sales team, four of the five DEN Gurus are at ISTE.  We were invited to do some presentations in the exhibit hall booth.  Traci Blazosky demonstrated the power of combining DE Streaming and Glogster.  This was my first chance to really get to know Traci, and her presentation did not disappoint.  Even the founder of Glogster, Jim Dachos, came by to watch her present.  Patti Duncan, DE Professional Trainer and DEN Guru, wowed participants with the uses of Discovery Science.  Lee KolbertISTE DE Booth Schedule, a true rock star at ISTE, talked about how to use the web to develop a Personal Learning Network (PLN).  I added a copy of Monday’s schedule. (I edited it a little to get rid of some typos and other glitches).

We have part of the TN LC at ISTE along with several other educators from Tennessee.  It is proving to be a fantastic experience as always.  Even more beneficial than the workshops are the friendships that come from spending time with people you know and love.


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