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If you have been using NING, then you already received an email from the folks at NING and you know about Ning Minis. But if you are new to NING and are considering creating one (or several) for your classes, then you need to register for your NING’s sponsorship from Pearson to get started or keep your existing NINGs up and running at their cost, not yours. You will not have all the functionality you have been used to in the past, but enough to make the tool work in education. According to DEN LC member and Salisbury Township School District Instructional Coach Jennifer Brinson, this is an opt-in program, so you will have to take action to have their support.

According to the email sent to NING users:

We’re proud to announce that Pearson, a leader in education services, technology and school solutions, will be sponsoring Ning Mini for free for
North America K-12 and Higher Education Ning Networks. This program is opt-in, so please visit the Pearson registration page to find more details and get signed up. Ning and Pearson will not take any action on your network without your consent.

If you have a Ning Network or are creating a new one, submit your
information on the Pearson registration page to get Ning Mini for free!

I attended a NING workshop at LCTI and am registering tomorrow for NING Minis for my classroom. It is a great way to aggregate teaching and learning in today’s world.

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  1. Kevin S said:

    Thank you for sharing this great news that we can opt-in to receive the mini-Ning for educators. It was sad news that they’d be charging. How have you used Ning for personal or professional purposes?

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