Resources from DENver: #ISTE10

For those of us who are not in DENver, I have been gathering resources from the folks who are via my fabulous PLN. From PAs DEN GURU Patti Duncan, in her words, “an AWESOME presentation on PBL ideas from Tech4Learning‘s Liz Allen. Although this video is from 2009, if Patti says it’s awesome, then you just might want to watch it. From TN DEN blog post by Tim Childers: “Patti Duncan, DE Professional Trainer and DEN Guru, wowed participants with the uses of Discovery Science.” Making us proud, Patti!Find more videos like this on Tech4Learning

Patti has also created an ISTE 2010 page on Wikispaces for sharing resources. I looked at this page yesterday, and it was an amazing list. Overnight it grew exponentially, so you will want to check out ISTE 2010.

TN DEN GURU Tim Childers posted his Prezi on DE Streaming and PBL for those of us who are not at ISTE.

In addition to presenting (4 of our 5 DEN GURUs are presenting at ISTE), Tim has been blogging and making videos with his FLIP (he says they are ubiquitous). If you follow Tim on Facebook (and you should), you can find his posts there. If not, check out his professional blog, Tinkerings, which he set up for blogging about ISTE10. Tim’s been on a rigorous exercise and fitness program, and I always wonder how he manages to do everything he does, including be the TN Blog Chair. You should really follow the TN DEN Blog. Here’s Tim’s video of the Exhibitors’ Hall.

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