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One of the coolest things I discovered (or re-discovered) at ISTE 2010 this year is the combination punch provided by YoLink and EasyBib for classroom research.  I had used EasyBib before, but had not really looked that closely at YoLink.  Well, Lucy Gray, Ken Shelton, and Julene Reed changed all that for me this past week.  As a result of their evangelism efforts for these sites, I will be installing YoLink on all student computers at our middle school for next year. (And it isn’t just because Yolink and their partners sponsored one of the top two food parties I visited at ISTE…but that can’t hurt).

YoLink can be installed as an add-on to several popular web browsers and works in conjunction with Google search.  I’ll explain how it is used in this blog, and you can follow along with the screenshots in the Slideshare below.  (I recommend you click on SlideShare and watch it full screen).  At the end of this post I’ve also included a nice video of Ken Shelton explaining YoLink at the ISTE 2010 Booth.

Yolink Plus EasyBib

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Once you’ve installed the add-on, simply go to Google and conduct your basic search.  When the results are  shown, click the YoLink icon and a separate menu comes up to the left of your screen.  There is another search bar within YoLink that can be used to “drill down” into Google’s search results.   Students can more easily find relevant results this way.

The entire article or just a portion can be saved to Google Docs.  Using the “share” button, it can also be sent to EasyBib.  Correctly citing webpages is often difficult even for those in Master’s programs.  EasyBib will automatically populate the necessary fields from the webpage itself.  With the click of a button, a citation is created.  EasyBib can also be used on its own without YoLink for those of you writing those long papers next year!

I highly recommend this download / add-on.  It works equally well on Macs and PCs.


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  1. Mark Moran said:

    Tim, I’ve been so impressed by Yolink that we’ve embedded it in SweetSearch, a Search Engine for Students that only searches 35,000 sites that have been evaluated and approved as useful for student research. SweetSearch offers a list of credible sites and leaves it to students to decide what’s relevant to their research; Yolink helps them determine what’s relevant; and EasyBib helps them cite it.

    Here’s a blog post that explains this in further detail, and offers comparisons of searches on SweetSearch, Google and Bing.

  2. Ken said:


    Be sure to keep me in mind for any questions or additional help/info you may seek regarding Yolink. I found it extremely useful for the students in my class that had it on their machines.

    Thanks for the posting.


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