ISTE 2010 Wrap-Up

Tech educators from all over came together in Denver, Colorado for ISTE 2010 (formerly NECC) from June 27 – June 30. As one of the biggest technology conferences in the states, attendees were guaranteed opportunities to learn and network with innovative leaders in the field of technology and education. And just as important as the conference itself are the mini-conferences and meet-ups that form around the event.

If you couldn’t be there, there were ample opportunities to follow some of your favorite DEN members on Twitter or through blog posts. There are lots of reflections out there, so please take a moment to leave a comment with the URL from some of your favorite posts. In the meantime, check out a snippet of what former SC Leadership Council chair, Donna Teuber, had to say!

I just returned from the ISTE 2010 conference in Denver, Colorado. I was privileged to be with a group of wonderful teachers from my district who challenged me to think deeply about the reasons why we use technology with out students. I took some time to pick out sessions that would show me new approaches to teaching and learning. I’m sure that I will be reflecting on the conference for a very long time, but here are some of the big ideas that I want to spend more time developing in my own educational practice.

Developing, Designing and Delivering Presentations:
Ken Shelton and Robert Craven provided me with food for thought about creating presentations which use visuals to communicate a message.

Matching Teachers and Technology and Birds of a Feather sessions:
Rushton Hurley had a great interactive session which engaged the audience.

1-1 Computing and Designing Learning Spaces:
I attended a few sessions about 1-1 computing environments and am very excited that so many states are looking at ways to provide each student with a learning device.

The Tools:
A conference wouldn’t be complete without attending sessions about new technology tools.

Read the rest of Donna’s post here.

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