Were you @ ISTE?

Inquiring minds want to know??????

If you attended ISTE this past week, please post your comments. Was it awesome?  What did you learn? Who did you meet? What can you bring back to your classroom this fall?

I could not be there in person, but I attended a few virtual meetups.  I took a great tour of the Reaction Grid! What a terrific time for technology integration! If you are interested in virtual learning environments, the DEN in SL is going to hold a workshop later in July, stay tuned for more info.

But, back to ISTE, please share your experiences, real or virtual, the MD_DEN is curious.


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  1. Aaron Smith said:

    I couldn’t attend in person, for a variety of reasons. I did my best to follow virtually, through blogs, podcasts (Bud the Teacher put out a couple good summaries), and of course Twitter. I combined what I thought was the best and put it in a podcast/blog post, which you can find here: http://teachers20.com/?q=node/46

  2. Gwyneth Jones said:

    I attended ISTE10 and what a whirlwind it was! As a newly elected ISTE board member (stillpinchingmyself!) – and presenting 3 different sessions i was crazy busy and came back home vowing i wouldn’t type, twitter, blog or think for a week! didn’t quite make that but am still processing all that i learned!

    Here’s my blog posting about it:

    51 #ISTE10 Links: http://sqworl.com/8fuohx via including @auntytech ‘s Virtual ISTE! & @buffyjhamilton NetVibes

  3. Bet h Poss said:

    I did not make it to ISTE, either in person or virtually (vacation!)but would love more info on Virtual Learning Environments. While I have tried Second Life a couple of times, I have found the navigating and moving around a bit difficult! Perhaps I just need more practice or maybe there are some other types of venues that are less visual-motor challenging 🙂

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