Technology Workshops with a Twist

Deborah Thonus suggested this great way to energize your staff and your technology workshops.  She writes:

Several times a year I offer after school workshops usually about Discovery Streaming and related Web 2.0 sites.  This spring I decided to hold a tech workshop with a twist.  Six of my most talented “techies” gave a workshop to six open minded staff members.  The teachers could choose from a list of what my students could teach them:  PowerPoint, Windows MovieMaker, GlogsterEDU, Discovery Streaming searches and resource management.

Few of the teachers in my elementary school use technology in their classrooms.  Granted, access to computers is limited, but staff interest is low also.  I often tell my third graders that they know a lot more about technology than most of the adults in our school, and they always think this is very cool.

The staff and students were paired up according to what the teachers needed.  I had some of the students record the event and make a movie of it.  It is posted on YouTube.  The staff members left the workshop impressed and energized.  One teacher asked for her third grade coach to come to her classroom so she could introduce him.  The teacher was just about to do a technology activity she learned about from my student.  I know some staff members attended this workshop to support the students but left with new excitement and knowledge about the wonderful tools they have at their disposal.  I plan to do this again next year!


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  1. Whitney Mihoulides said:

    This is a great post! Thank you for sharing! I am happy that the LC has been a PLC for you!

  2. Carmella Hughes said:

    Great idea Deborah. I love the way you involved your class.

  3. Carmella Hughes said:

    Great idea Deborah. I love how your students were involved.

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