You Need Not Attend….

…But it’s a lot better if you do.  The summer conference season is upon us with ISTE and BLC within a few weeks of each other. While it’s very difficult for many people to attend the variety of conferences around the country, there are still ways to immerse yourself in the learning.  Several days ago, I returned from ISTE in Denver. As was the case in the past, it was a great experience for me. Not only did I get to see some of my online friends face to face, but the discussions and learning opportunities were endless. I attended some great sessions, but also missed out on good ones as well. Luckily, there were thousands over people at the conference tweeting about their learning. If you didn’t attend, but want to check out some of the resources that were shared, follow this link to video presentations of some of the featured sessions. I’ll be posting more about the conference and some specific presentations and links in the near future.


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