Lions, and Tigers, and DEN STARS, Oh my!

I know we’re  a bit out of ISTE now… and truly, Joe and I apologize for our late blog entry… but later is better than never, right? So, here’s our view of an amazing experience at the DENver Zoo with our favorite DEN Stars from across the country.  denverzoo.jpg

We couldn’t imagine a better way to kick off ISTE 2010 than with the DEN crew taking over the DENver Zoo for an amazing day filled with networking, collaboration & fun! Attendees had the opportunity to engage in a unique learning experience with THE Dr. Lodge McCammon and get resources, ideas, and DEN sneak previews shared by the DEN Gurus and our DEN Managers.

The day was divided into two parts, with Team Jamie and Team Adam switching off in the morning and afternoon. One group worked with Lodge creating videos to his new slope intercept song, My (0,Y) Find. I’ve seen Lodge in action before at Pete&C in Hershey, PA, and I must say, he is absolutely amazing. We created videos that you can check out here. If you weren’t with Lodge, you were in a session with the DEN Gurus, Managers and Tech4Learning folks. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Traci shared Glogster examples that incorporated the Discovery Educator Builders for a “one stop spot” interactive student activity.
  • Patti shared some great hidden treasures that can be found before you even log into the Discovery website. (You cannot find these if you’re logged in!) Check out these awesome tools!
  • Lee shared about the wonder of PLN’s (Personal Learning Network) and some great ways to jazz up our own PLN’s.
  • Tech4Learning gave a sneak peek of SHARE and many of their products and ideas for use.

At the end of the day, our day of learning and networking was once again put to the test where groups of 3 and 4 had to compete in a scavenger hunt around the zoo.  While completing the hunt, a few of us were stunned to see technology being used once again. It turns out that studies are being completed with camels. Denver has partnered with a manufacturing company to create a device that will track camels through the desert. The bluetooth technology will track where they eat, how often they stop and where they drink water. They are on their second model, because they found that the camel hair was interfering with the velcro fastener (especially during shedding season.) As soon as they find a workable device, they will begin using it on camels in the wild. Dont forget to check out the many videos about camels available to you through Discovery.


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