Welcome New DEN STARs!

Please welcome these new DEN STARs:
Michele Albanys, OK
Devon Betz, PA
Elizabeth Bowden, NC
Vanessa Boyle, PA
Lynette Brown, NJ
Patty Campuzono, CA
Amanda Cardenas, AR
Anne Corsetti, NY
Leslie Dent, MD
Dave Effron, OH
Pamela Goalwin, CA
Stephanie Golas, MA
Charity Harbeck, MD
Brandon Harber, AR
Charlene Honeycutt, AR
Maureen Hrabar, AZ
Mary Jason, AR
Jill Johnson, AR
Robin Keating, TX
Megan Kritzer, MN
Lorri McAlpine, MI
Patty McGinnis, PA
Angela McNally, TX
Jennifer Mogus, MD
Jean Potter, TX
K.M. Pruitt, FL
Joe Savoy, NB
Kristen Scaggs, AR
Connie Sisk, AR
Diana Sittig, LA
Allison Spinnato, CO
Melissa Tate, AR
Sherry Turner, NC
Bob Walter, AR
Judson Waye, NB

We’re thrilled to have you in the DEN community!

Already a STAR? Maintain Your STAR Status for 2010-2011!
As the new school year approaches, make sure you keep your STAR status. We’ve added a couple other options to help you demonstrate how you actively contribute to the community.

There are several ways to stay active:

  • Report at least two events from this past school year
  • Report one event and upload a resource to the Educator Resources library on the DEN site
  • Report one event and tell us one other way you have shared the power of Discovery with your peers (e.g., newsletter, podcast, etc.)

Not yet a STAR? What are you waiting on?


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