The DEN Leadership Council Symposium – Day One

photo-88denlc10poster.jpgToday I traveled from New Orleans to Boston to meet with 75 other educators from around the country to attend the DENLC Symposium. We are staying on the campus of Bentley University in Waltham, MA (about 25 miles from the airport). When I arrived at Copely South (the dorm we are staying in) I was greeted by Jen Dorman and other members of the DEN team. I found my roommate Jeannine Shields from New York and got settled into our room. Then I had my press photo taken with Lance Rougeaux. I also met Porter Palmer, who will be my group leader for the week.We had a wonderful dinner on campus and Steve Dembo and Lance Rougeaux kicked off the proceedings. I immediately saw how Steve has influenced Lance. Lance’s presented using Prezi – a tool that we all know Steve loves. I learned the history of the “DEN finger” and had some laughs as we watched an old film about innovative teaching. I learned that the DEN would be throwing a “T’ party while we were gathered here in Boston. However the “T” being referred to was not textbooks or technology, but teaching. The week’s schedule was discussed and then we all headed back to Copely South for our team meetings. Tonight the team meeting was a “getting to know you” affair.I am really looking forward to all the sessions and events that are planned for us. I’ll keep you posted.


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