LC Symposium Day 1

The DEN Leadership Council Symposium is underway.  We started the morning today with a cafeteria style breakfast (scrambled eggs, sausage, pancakes, etc.) outside under a big tent due to water issues in the university cafeteria.  We shared the tent with a ton of kids – all attending Bentley for various camps.  There were girls attending a field hockey camp, boys attending a basketball camp, a group of PreMed Leaders all in suits, and also a group of kids attending computer camp.  Picture your stereotypical high school kid in one of these groups and you would see what we saw.  None of the kids seemed out of place.  I’m not sure that’s a good thing.  After breakfast, we spent the morning listening to Dr. Lodge McCammon.  He is a pretty neat guy and spoke about expanding Bloom’s Taxonomy to also include publishing.  Lodge noted, and there were many nodding heads, that like bacon, publishing makes everything better.  He has written many great curriculum related songs that can now be found on Discovery Streaming.  He unveiled a new DEN Song that we ended up turning into a video.  Apparently, these will be posted online in the near future.  Depending on how the video turns out, a link may or may not be shared :)The afternoon will take us to Boston for an educational tour and then an evening at FableVision with Peter Reynolds.  I’m pretty excited about this.


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