Chris Dede Presents at the DEN LC Symposium

Spending time with amazingly talented people at the DEN LC Symposium in Boston this week has been amazing so far. Today we listened to Chris Dede. He discussed how we need to be thinking about the future of education.
Some key take-aways for me:
Web 2.0 is about sharing, thinking, and co-creating. It is not about technology skills and integration.

Henry Jenkins New Media Literacies Skills List:

They include: play, collective intelligence, networking, and multitasking.
The US 2010 Educational Tech Plan: Skills include: Learning, Assessment, Infrastructure, Productivity
Situated Learning includes tacit learning with an apprenticeship and peripheral participation

  • Examples can be found at
  • Show students why their learning is important by putting them in real situations, with real people, to learn.
  • Cannot be assessed with paper and pencil tests. Paper tests primarily assess whether or not students can read. They do not measure the content and skills.

A PBL teacher can work a project while a direct instruction teacher can drill. Students from both classes will have equal scores on paper and pencil test. Differences are seen in concepts not assessed – problem solving, collaboration, etc.
Gaming Industry is working to help cell phones be better gaming platforms. One future possibility? Augmented Reality games on cell phone overlays. Imagine the educational possibilities.

Augmented Reality game examples:


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