DEN LC Symposium (Tuesday Wrap-Up)

Today was another full day of learning at the DEN Leadership Council Symposium 2010. We started our day with an inspirational presentation by Chris Dede, the Timothy E. Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies at Harvard. Here’s a link to his presentation.

Go check out these posts from attendees about the session:

Fingers were flying with notes being taken. If you posted a blog about Chris Dede’s presentation, share the link in the comments for others.

After Dr. Dede’s presentation, the LC members divided into focus groups and provided feedback and ideas for future development of Discovery Education tools. We sure do appreciate the feedback from teachers who use DE in their classrooms.

Following lunch, we got a bit more familiar with the latest updates to Discovery Education then dove deep with sessions on Google tools,  Prezi, geocaching, iPads and mobile devices, and more on Discovery Education.

Currently, teams are sharing favorite tools with one another as part of AmeriDEN Idol. Here are some of the tools the teams shared:


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  1. Rebecca Skilling said:

    Sounds like fun! Just would like to add my feedback for Discovery. As a first grade teacher I would really appreciate access to the words to the wonderful songs that Discovery has. There are some awesome songs to support the curriculum, but I would LOVE to have the words available.

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