Google Sketch Up STEM Webinar

If you are not attending the DEN Leadership Symposium at Bentley University in Waltham, MA, you might want to attend this Google SketchUp STEM Webinar. PA DEN STAR Linda Nitsche delivered a related presentation at PETE&C 2010 and shared a wealth of resources. If you are planning to attend this webinar, in addition to downloading the session’s resources, you might want to take a look at Linda’s resources as well.

Move over, 2D textbook, and get ready for 3D learning! Google SketchUp enables students to easily create 3D models of everything from simple geometric forms to complex communities. During this session, you’ll hear from a design professional on the basics of using Google SketchUp and how it is used in the architecture field. Get students excited about modeling, and watch their creativity come to life using Google SketchUp.

Once you register, download the pre-webinar resource under Classroom Connections to prepare for the webinar.

Register today for the next webinar in the summer series and check back for more webinars throughout the summer!

“Project-ing Your Class Globally”
Presented by Jennifer Wagner
August 17, 7 PM ET
For educators

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