Making Music and Videos with Dr. Lodge McCammon

Monday’s DEN LC Symposium began with a three-hour session with Dr. Lodge McCammon, aka as the FIZZ Man. If you attended the DENPreCon at PETE&C10, you are already familiar with the amazing talent that Lodge brings to his unique presentations. What he does incredibly well is create original music for PBL on difficult-to-teach concepts.

For the DEN LC Symposium, Lodge planned a math lesson in 4 steps, followed by a Contest and Discussion.

Step 1 was a Lesson Opener video.Step 2 introduced a Paper Slide Project.On the PA DEN Blog, Robin Martin discussed the concept of creating a quick instructional video

using a similar concept as the Common Craft videos, Lodge promotes a paper style of instruction. Students collaborate with one another to film, narrate and create paper slides. The finished video can then be used for homework, review, or differentiation.

I checked Media Share this morning and found the projects were already posted. Clicking the screen shot will take you to a direct link.

From Lee Kolbert, Melissa McBride, and Chad Lehman

Added by Marybeth O’Brian

From Group 8, added by Patti Duncan

From Dan, Lilly, and Amy

Step 3 is the Music Video Project. At this point you have the lyrics and music for a Lodge math song, and the process replicates an activity we did at the DEN PreCon 2010. According to Porter Palmer, who posted to the DEN Blog a Monday Wrap Up, Lodge has 37 of his tunes added to Discovery Education‘s library.

In Discovery Education streaming Plus, I did a search for Lodge McCammon, and up popped 3 pages of 39 great songs you can use in your classroom. One of the huge benefits of Discoverystreaming is the vetted content; it is safe, timely, and has new organizations joining the 150+ publishers of content, making it a global leader of vetted video content ~ and it continues to win Distinguished Achievement Awards.

If you click here, you will find samples of student as well as teacher-created math videos using Lodge’s step-by-step process.

Step 4 is a Lesson Summary video from Lodge that revisits the concepts taught and wraps the lesson unit.It wouldn’t be a Lodge presentation without an contest, and this one really rocks. The challenge was to create a new DEN anthem. Three groups participated.

Team GreenTeam YellowTeam WhiteYou can vote for your favorite team here. It’s a tight race, so vote today. The team receiving the most votes will be posted on Lodge’s blog.

For those of us like me who cannot attend the DEN LC Symposium, I hope these resources make you feel connected and provide a valuable learning and teaching resource for your students. Wouldn’t it be great to make your opening project something you learned from Dr. FIZZ!

If you are wondering how you can adapt what you learned on site or virtually to a non-math curriculum, you might want to read the Teachers FLIP article below or contact Jennifer Brinson at for more information. Jen is a DEN STAR on the PA DEN Events Team. She gave this presentation at an early summer conference by adapting Lodge’s work to history, lifesmarts, and health and science curricular projects. It can be done. You can find Brinson’s resources here.

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