Reflection: The ULTIMATE Resource for Educators

As the blog coordinator for the SC DEN, I have lots of opportunities to meet and network with some of the finest educators in the “techno-world.” This week, I am a participant in the Discovery Educator Network’s Leadership Council Symposium. Along with other LC members across the nation, I have been learning about best practices and educational technology trends from some of the absolute best in the class.

Leading the symposium this week have been members of the DEN team from Discovery, including SC’s favorite Account Manager: Justin Karkow. I have a few days left, but I have already been inundated with information and best practices that I cannot wait to pass along to fellow SC DEN mates.

While I tried to wrap my head around all of the great new tools and sites being shared by other LC’s, I realized what it is about the DEN that I love so much. In fact, it is the very reason why I joined the DEN when it first started and why I have become an active DEN STAR within the state. Discovery Education knew the secret to the ULTIMATE resource for educators: each other.

While Web 2.0 tools have changed teaching and learning, it is the people BEHIND the tools that make them successful- the company who asks teachers how they can improve their product, the media specialist who shares a way to view and organize sites with teachers, the administrator who recognizes the teacher leader and invites them to share with others. We are at our best when we can grow and learn from each other, and that is the magic ingredient that Discovery Education has shared with educators searching for ways to grow as a professional.

My week up-to-now has been over-whelming, but I cannot wait to clear my head, review and apply of the great things I have learned this week. You can check out the National blog to see what we have been up to by clicking here, or follow the conversation on Twitter (#DENLC10). I’ve invited the other LC members who are with me to share their thoughts as well, so please check back to see what they have to say. In the meantime, check out this cool Google Search video that was created during the symposium by a group of creative DEN STARS (including our very own Donna Teuber)!

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