Explore the Blue

Explore the Blue is a new program from the Take Me Fishing™ campaign and Discovery Education, which provides teachers and parents with a set of online tools that promote youth participation in on-the-water activities and reinforce the importance of caring for our environment.

Fun and Games
You don’t have to be at a lake or river to boat or fish – Explore the Blue created fun online games to get all the excitement of being on the water right from your computer.  Students can identify fish and challenge their friends to fish memory games and hangman.

Virtual Fieldtrips
Students learn how to create an Aquarium Terrarium – all with recycled materials. Through this virtual field trip, students will learn how different plants and animals help each other survive and thrive in an ecosystem and the importance of conservation.

Building Boats
Students can create model boats using different materials, then test them out on the water for a fun activity that will teach the basics of buoyancy, water displacement, surface area, and boat design.


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