DEN Book Club Part 2

DEN Book Club Part 2….

We are several weeks into the Book Club, reading the book ‘Wikinomics – How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything’ by Don Tapscott & Anthony Williams.  The reading of each chapter has brought a bigger understanding of how business entities need to change with the tide, or in a sense, change with the way the mass consumers are wanting them to.

The average business entity grows with the needs of the people they are conducting business with.  If a company decides to stay exactly the way they have always done business, unless it is a solid business plan, it will fold onto itself.  Why?  Because the average consumer or user of products change and grow, technology expands and changes, while new discoveries are being found that are usually better then the last.  It can also be said however, if a business or company expands and changes too much, it will also fold, since the backbone of the company is not set in place or the business plan is constantly changing.

The biggest question I have had during the reading of the first few chapters was how this really fits back into my educational world.  Although, education is a business where the consumers are the students, has the ‘business model’ worked all this time?  Have we changed with the consumers needs?

With DEN, you will find a lot of easy comparison between the business entity and the educational entity.  Educators work together to share ideas, lesson plans, best practices, and many other items.  Although the DEN content is constantly being added to and changed, it shows the way MASS COLLABORATION makes things even better. 

Sometimes…. Two Heads are Better than One! 

With DEN, you have a large network of educators across the States, as well as across the world.  We are no longer a single person on an island, we now have a community of educators that have shared experiences or unique ideas to aide others in getting to become the best they could ever be!

With this is mind, those who use DEN have seen how the ‘business model’ of education is slowly changing to fit the needs of the consumer, the student.  (And the students that are coming into the educational world of today, have way more experience with technology then we will ever imagine!) So if we, as an education entity, do not change with the users, we will fold onto ourselves and have to restart all over again.

I think we are, I see it coming, I hope everyone is ready…….

Are you part of the Mass Collaborations in your school?  Do you see the change happening in the district you are in?


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