Give a Big Welcome To Our New DEN Star Joey Savoy!

joeypic1.jpgMy name is Joey Savoy and I am a Technology Mentor for School District 16 in Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada. I am responsible for helping teachers and students with successful implementation of technology in their classrooms. There are 27 schools under our jurisdiction, with approximately 6,500 students and  500 teachers.  Although, I am based out of our District office, I am frequently in our schools working with teachers and students.Discovery Education is very popular amongst our teachers and used on a regular basis to assist in covering curriculum outcomes. Educators and students from K-12 enjoy the great wealth of resources and content that Discovery Education has to offer in all subject areas.Although my background is in History (Honours) and English (Major), I possess a keen interest in technology and working with the latest gadgets, resources, and software that is available. Besides working with and exploring technology, I love spending time with my with wife Shelly and my three children: Evan (9), Ryan (6), and Lily (3). I am also a sports junkie and enjoy just about everything especially baseball, hockey, football, basketball, and soccer. I coach minor baseball and hockey, and I am also a certified GPS Instructor and Smart Master Trainer.


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  1. Doug Butchy said:

    Hi Joey,

    Welcome to the DEN! You will find that this is a great network of educators who are full of knowledge and willing to share!


  2. Joey S said:

    Thanks for the welcome Doug! I know several folks that are already part of the DEN and figured it was time to get things moving and become a STAR Educator as well. I look forward to interacting with you and all of the others that are part of the network. – Joey

  3. Allen said:

    Congratulations Joey!

    This lad has been a great mentor, colleague and friend to us here in New Brunswick. DEN educators will be able to count on Joey for providing them with lots of ideas and information on anything educational or educational technology.

    Your community is definitely a more valuable one with the addition of Joe.

    Again, congrats my friend!

    Allen in New Brunswick (Zal)

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