Overheard at Alan November's Building Learning Communities Conference

Michael Wesch

  • “Harness the relevant tools and engage students in real world problems that the teacher does not know the answer to.”
  • “We need to move our students from knowledgeable to knowledge-able.”

Michael Lambert:

  • “Treat a visual like an onion.  Peel back the layers, make the students slow down, and dive in.”
  • “Emotion drives attention and attention drives learning.”
  • “It’s the story behind the image that counts.”

David Jakes:

  • “What happens if students do not want to publish online?”
  • “Schools can help students create serious and purposeful content that deepens and extends their digital footprint or reputation.”

Alan November:

  • “Curriculum Directors should be the director of global relationships.”
  • “We need to focus our planning towards globalization and information gathering.”
  • “Grandparents need to be connected via Skype.”
  • “The new mission of schools is to connect with the whole community.”

Sue Miller:

  • “Teachers need to surrender control of the class so that learning can be student directed.”

Sara Kajder:

  • “Most people think that remixing media = plagiarism.  It’s not.  Remixing is a transformation of text.”
  • Copyright Clarity, by Renee Hobbs is a must-have book for teachers.  It helps answer questions of fair use.”
  • “When students have so many choices, they tend to have much higher quality of reflections.”

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