Don't You Want to Be A Star?

Here Ye, Here Ye! Attention all Discovery Users.  Are you a Discovery Star Educator?  WHAT’s that we hear … are you saying NO??? Well, say no more, check out these videos, and you won’t be able to say NO again! Lodge @ DENLC10As you learned in the last post, Dr. Lodge McCammon is an inspirational educator and curriculum media specialist who has found a way to re-energize the already energized educator! The very many DEN Stars who came together this week tapped into their musical and kinesthetic genius to showcase what it really means to be part of an Educators Network! Lodge and Lance…or L to the second power…really captured the true essence of the DEN and how valuable and resourceful it is to the DE user and as clearly stated in the chorus.

Chorus:/We are the DEN/We’re standing together/State of the art as we share with each other/A community connecting teacher to teacher/Online, in person, we’ll hear the call/We are the DEN/Yea, stronger than ever/The valuable resources are each other My personal network binds us together/All for good, and good for all/

Now, it wasn’t just about the lyrics but rather about the FUN in collaboration.  Wait, but what’s collaboration without a little contest! GAME ON! The group was broken up into three teams, WHITE, YELLOW, and GREEN.  Then group members were challenged to represent a verse/stanza by acting it out.  Then each color team came together and created a music video.  Of course, it was filmed and posted to the web, and so the challenge begins!  Check out our videos…Let the best team win!

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