From the LC Symposium to the STAR National Institute


Last week, Rachel Yurk and I represented Wisconsin at the DEN LC Symposium.  Hopefully you’ve read a little about my adventures in previous posts.  If you haven’t scroll down.

In the next several days, you’ll be reading about the goings on at the National Institute from our Wisconsin representatives, Rita Mortenson and Cathy Houchin.  They are hoping to write daily reflections of their time in Bentley and those will be posted here.

Here’s their first reflection: The DEN Summer Institute started on Sunday.  Representing Wisconsin is Cathy Houchin and Rita Mortenson.  We are off to a goods start.  After our trip from Milwaukee, we arrived at Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts.  We learned today that  Massachusetts is the home of the first public school. One of the highlights of the evening was a picnic under a tent on the beautiful Bentley campus.  We had an ice breaker activity where everyone exchanged a gift from their state.  It was fun trying to find the person whose gift you received. Gifts ranged from maple syrup made by a DEN member from New Hampshire to hand picked blueberries from Michigan.  It was delicious. We were welcomed to Bentley by Lance Rougeux and had team meetings to meet other DEN members.  It is great fun meeting people from all across the United States of American and even Canada is represented!  Teaching is a great profession and meetings like this get you excited about coming back in the fall. It is time to turn off the lights and get some sleep for tomorrow.  We will let you know all the great things that are happening this week in future blogs.

Thanks to Cathy and Rita for sharing their learning!


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