Summer Fun at the DEN Summer Institute

The DEN Summer Institute 2010 – Day 1 and 2

by Sarah Thompson

On Sunday, July 18th we kicked off the Summer Institute at Bentley University in Boston, Mass.! Upon arrival we were welcomed by enthusiastic and joyful DEN members. After a long day of traveling it definitely was a pick me up to see all the smiling faces. After setting up our dorm rooms we were escorted to a lovely outside BBQ dinner. The food was wonderful! It was great to discover where everyone had traveled from to attend. After dinner we did our first interactive activity – a secret gift exchange. My gift came from a member who lives in Maryland. I now have a decorative crab attached to my name tag. After dinner we had a brief meeting outlining our schedule for the week and then off to the dorms for the evening. Monday morning’s breakfast took place at the University’s cafeteria. There are many camps using the University campus so the experience brought back memories of crowded hallways and lunch lines.In our morning program we walked through the new and improved Discovery Education webpage. The tools are easy to manipulate and the layout makes it very easy to organize your resources. It is very user friendly! Our afternoon was filled with an adventurous tour into Boston! We traveled in bright orange trolleys. Our trolley driver was an amazing individual with tons of information about the city. We first visited Fenway Park, Home of the Boston Red Sox. Our second stop was to Cheers, from the hit TV show! They had a duplicate set situated in the building and the original establishment was downstairs. We then had an opportunity to shop in Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Our last visit was to FableVision. Peter Reynolds and his team were gracious hosts as they let us into their work space. We bounced on rubber ball chairs, played with the program ‘Animationish’, had dinner and socialized with the team. A huge thanks goes to the DEN leadership for providing each Institute member with a Peter Reynolds book called, “So Few of Me”. Another huge thank you goes out to Peter who patiently signed each of our books.


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  1. Ann Marie Bishop said:

    Sounds like it was, as usual, a wonderful beginning to the DENSI! I keep watching Twitter, Facebook, and the blog to find out what I am missing this year! Wish I was there networking, learning, and having fun with you all!!

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