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I have a friend who tells me people never click on links in posts. Unlike her, I always do. Just in case she is right, here are some videos really worth watching that were links in Meg Griffin‘s excellent post, The DEN at BLC Boston 2010, about Dr. Michael Wesch. If you work in education, ask yourself how well you know your students.

From Tim Childers comes this amazing Wesch video. A compelling read, this video invites frequent revisiting.

From Lee Kolbert on Twitter Search in Plain English:

Dr. Wesch on Twitter:

From Richard Byrne, Free Tech 4 Teachers, comes the Educational Change Challenge video that he found during the first week of ISTE10. You might want to check out his Seven Videos All Educators Should Watch.

Recently released from the folks at Common Craft, Secure Passwords in Plain English. No code yet, so you will just have to open the link. Definitely worth watching.

Happy viewing.

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