DEN Summer Institute Day 2


Today at the Discovery Institute, the focus was digital storytelling.  We were fortunate to have three amazing presenters share with us some tips and techniques on doing meaningful video projects in the classroom.

The FIZZ session, by Dr. Lodge McCammon was the one we attended.  We learned so many neat things such as how to make interesting paper slide shows.  I know you are probably thinking, how does paper slide shows fit in with media.  That is what I was thinking too before I took the class.  Have you ever seen those neat videos on YouTube from Common Craft….the ones where they do very informative sessions on social networking, blogs, wikis and more.  Well, that was pretty much the idea.  We created videos and uploaded them using paper, the concepts and our imagination.

We also created a digital scavenger hunt that could be used many different ways for staff development or in the classroom. All the videos we did were using flip cameras and not editing.  It was a challenge to not pause the camera, but to take everything in one clip.  The camera could be used with any age group.   This workshop showed the flexibility  of using  digital imaging in the classroom.

Dr. McCammon has written many songs for the upper grades.  They are focused mainly on higher level sciences and math. You can find his songs now loaded in Discovery Education.  We made a group music videos for one his songs.  He stresses the importance of publishing the work done in class.  When students see their work it stresses the value of it.  This was one more way of teaching to all styles of learning.

We also met the founder of   His name is Jeff Ohara.  He briefly explained edmodo and is going to show us more tomorrow. We are looking forward into knowing more about his great product and how it can be used in the classroom. Come back tomorrow for the update.

From  Bentley University,

Rita and Cathy


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  1. Lynnette Criner - NJLC said:

    It is great to hear you are having as much fun as we had last week at the LC Symposium. We made extensive use of Edmodo to post our activities, best practices, and questions/discussions, and also had the opportunity to make a video with Dr. Lodge McCammon. I’m looking forward to your continuted posts.

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