DEN Summer Institute (Monday Wrap-up)

Happy Monday! We’re here at Bentley University just outside of Boston, MA for another week of growing and learning as a community. This week, 75 DEN STARs who applied and were accepted from across the US and Canada are with us.

This morning, attendees got an in depth look at the latest roll out of Discovery Education’s suite of tools. They provided feedback and were particularly fond of the new “Student Center”. (Just have a student log in to check it out!) There, students are able to easily access Assignments, Quizzes, and Writing Prompts that you have created for your class.

After exploring the latest updates to Discovery Education, we headed out for exploration of Boston. Check out these fabulous summaries from our DEN STARS.
Lloyd Roche: DEN Summer Institute: Fablevision, Fenway and Features
Cathy Houchin and Rita Mortenson: More from the Summer Institute
Sarah Thompson: Summer Fun at the DEN Summer Institute


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  1. Helene Wyskup said:

    Wish I was there! Could not make it this year! Surely would like to attend next year! Will continue attending your webinars and provided videos like in the past ( Thanks for the updated information. Helene Wyskup, Ottawa, Canada.

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