Another Interesting Day…. Den Summer Institute

July 20, Tuesday at DEN SI
Lloyd Roche

Another very interesting day with lots of new knowledge gained. My missing luggage was finally delivered by the airlines. Thankfully Carissa was available to receive it when delivered to the dorms. I was given the honor of looking after the “Claw” for the day. My ‘gift’ also arrived with my missing luggage and it was nice to see Katie Rourke from Michigan awarded the souvenirs from Canada that I brought. The information about Edmodo was very useful as it is a resource I intend to introduce and promote to all of our schools back home. The Fizz workshop with Lodge McCammon provided valuable hands-on experience. I can see us introducing the use of this resource to our schools by providing a kit of Flip cameras that can be signed out by teachers. Never got to attend the other Digital Story Telling sessions offered concurrently by Frank Gottler and Joe Brennan but had the experience of spending time with them the last two days and evenings. The “AmeriDEN Idol” evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The videos produced by all the groups from the day before were awesome as were the interesting demonstrations provided by the Idol ‘contestants’. Every display was great and it showed how dedicated these educators are. The networking with everyone at this summer institute is invaluable. Everyone is so approachable and willing to share.



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