Dive Workshops at DEN Summer Institute


The DEN Summer Institute 2010 – Day 4
by Sarah Thompson

Today was deep dive workshop day!! The first session I attended was for Google tools with Mike Bryant. I had no idea that Google offered so many tools! Google docs, labs, spreadsheets, and trends are just a few of the tools that were touched upon. I look forward to using these in the future. My next session was Prezi with Lance Rougeux. This is another amazing tool that I had not heard of. This resource has so many possibilities and creative aspects to it. It can be used for presentations, reports, summaries, projects, etc. It is an infinite canvas that is easy to manipulate and suitable for any user. The attached picture is a snapshot of my first attempt at using the program. After sessions we had some time to work on our projects showcasing a tool that can be used in conjunction with Discovery Education. My medium is the SMARTboard. I am very excited to use what I have learned to create this project and am very glad for the practice! Our evening ended with a glorious ice cream social with the Glogster team! It was fantastic to learn more about this resource and I look forward to exploring it further in the classroom.


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  1. devry columbus said:

    It’s great because your experience makes you learn a lot of information and I never thought Google will provide them. Exploring this in classroom will make you even better. Hope you become a specialist in the future.

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