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Face it, we’d all like eBooks more if they were free. The same goes for Audiobooks. And come to think of it, we’d also like to figure out how to make those page-turning iBooks for the iPad so we don’t have to pay for those either.


Well, guess what! You can get children’s eBooks at http://snee.com/epubkidsbooks, an off shoot of Project Gutenberg. There you’ll find the classics, complete with illustrations, all free for the asking.


And once you’ve downloaded, say The Three Bears, it’s never been easier to make an iBook (complete with those magical turning pages, definitions, and ability to copy and annotate text) for some white-hot reading motivation on an iPad.


For this you’ll need to install Calibre (free) at http://calibre-ebook.com/ on your computer. Download and drop the file into Calibre’s book viewer, along with any cover art you find. Attach the iPad to your computer, click Send, and in seconds, a virtual librarian puts it in the iPad, on a shelf in the iBook program (also free). Gotta love those engineers for making turning virtual pages so much fun.


For those who don’t like turning virtual pages, or worse READING (I’m sure you have reasons), you can get free audiobooks from ICONN (http://connstatelib.myilibraryaudio.com/home.htm).

And this is even easier, once you’ve found your library card.


After you install the Ingram audio software, you download the audiobook to your computer, and then transfer it to your iPod/iPhone/iPad. It just takes a few minutes to download a book; they offer a nice collection of titles.  It only lets you check out 2 at a time.


You can keep it on your iPod forever. If it stays on your PC, it expires after the loan period and disappears.

If a title is checked out, you can put a hold on it. When it is available you get an email with a link so you can download it.

So there you have it: LITERACY for young and old, at bargain basement prices.


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