Summer Institute Day 3

More from Rita and the Wisconsin Crew….


Wisconsin DEN Institute members (Cathy Houchin Karie Huttner and Rita Mortenson) had a real treat today.  They got a chance to participate in a workshop lead by the founder of Edmodo, Jeff O’Hara.  For those of you who have not had an opportunity to use Edmodo, it is sort of like Facebook for education and is free.  There are a variety of useful features, such as private chatting, polling, grading and more.  
We attended two other workshops.  One workshop was a deep dive into Discovery Education.  We discovered many free tools within Discovery Education’s website.  These tools can be used by parents, students and anyone surfing the web.  The second workshop was on google tools.  There are so many to choose from.  One especially fun tool is the “let me google that for you”   Try this sometime.   
The evening concluded with an ice cream social with the team from   Check out sometime for a new way to use digital media in your classroom.
Have a great day and we will blog tomorrow.


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