Tuesday at the Summer Institute

Sally Walter, a member of our LC Events Team, is at Bentley University this week for the DEN Summer Institute.  I asked her to send us some comments about their daily activities for the week.  Unfortunately, I’m a day behind!  Here are her comments for Tuesday:

Here is a little about today! There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of young people on campus this week in all sorts of camps. This place is really busy. It makes it kind of fun that things are hopping! Only thing bad is that I have not been able to get online during the meetings today. That was frustrating. But at least I could tonight in my room.

I went to hear Lodge McCammon all day today. Groups of us made at least 4 video projects with flip cameras and published them all online. That is the fastest I have ever seen projects like that completed. Lodge’s ideas are based on using music and videos to express yourself and learn about all the subject areas especially math, science and social studies. He is most interested in writing songs for middle and high school students and currently has over thirty on the DE Streaming website. Joe Brennan and Frank Guttlerr were also here today doing workshops in digital story telling.

Brad Fountain was MC for AmeriDEN IDOL tonight! Check out pictures! DEN Stars show off talents they have using DE products.

Will send more tomorrow.



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