Another Fabulous Day DEN Summer Institute


The DEN Summer Institute 2010 – Day 5
by Sarah Thompson

Wow, it’s Thursday! We had another great morning of workshops. First, we had a Mashup session with Hall Davidson. I learned about bluescreen transitions, multi-media tools and about wallwisher. Second, I attended the Glogster session with Brad Fountain. This is an amazing tool for both teacher and student! As their saying goes, “Why Blog if you can Glog!” It is a great resource to post images, videos, and text all on one page. It’d be great for journals, newsletters, and projects. The last session I attended was DE and SMART. This session was in a non-formal Q&A format. We asked questions about collaborating both products and worked out answers collectively. It was really great to find these answers together. We all then were given time to work on our projects. My partner and I worked together on a powerpoint/SMART resource for teachers for a Social Studies geography lesson. I am so proud of our efforts! After dinner we gathered for our Hollywood night! We were asked to dress as a favourite movie character. I went as Anne of Green Gables. 🙂 Was a great night had by all!


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