One of DEN's Favorite Web 2.0 Tools: Glogster EDU

The term “Web 2.0” seems to encompass a host of resources that educators have embraced to communicate and collaborate. And when students are given opportunities to use these tools to share information or to express themselves, the results can be amazing.

Many members of the DEN have used Glogster EDU in their classroom. Glogster is a great example of 21st century learning. It’s a platform that allows the integration of various multi-media tools that allow you or your students to illustrate or expand on a topic. Here’s an example (mouse over each screen shot to visit the site):

The site offers both a free and paid account. It allows you to add students so that you can manage classes. You and your students can incorporate graphic elements from the Glogster bank, or upload your own images. And why stop with images? Go ahead and add a video or sound file for a really dynamic presentation. Not sure WHAT to do? View other Glogs to see what others are doing and then get started on your own. Word to the wise, there are actually two sites, so make sure you visit the EDU side of it here.

Already a Glogster user? Would you like to share what you or your students have created? Post the link to your own Glog in the comments below. We would love to see what you’ve done with Glogster!

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  1. Jessica said:

    Thanks for sharing, Heather! I forwarded this link to some teachers that I work with- they are going to LOVE the project outline and even have your student Glogs to use as examples.

    Great job!

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