Organized Chaos

What do you get when you put a Media Specialist with a social personality on the web? FACEBOOK LISTS! Categorize it! Organize it! Label it! Okay, I doubt it was really a Media Specialist who developed lists on Facebook, but I can attest to the fact that at least one is using them–ME! I haven’t really been on Facebook very long, but the many childhood friends, family members, former students, current friends, colleagues, and so forth who have friended me (or vice versa) has quickly added up to a large number of friends. In order to better sort my friends to easily locate their information, I have them sorted into lists. An added–and especially important–bonus to this is that I can use these lists to enact individualized security features which determine who gets to see what on my website.

I am again drawing from the supreme knowledge and tech guru-ish-ness (he he) of Bruce Vigneault, a newly-retired biology teacher from Shepherd, in order to provide you with a website that provides more details on how to put lists to work for you on Facebook–and on why you should bother! The blog is located here.  Please share your comments and questions below!


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