Today's Webinar with Don Tapscott

macrowikinomics.jpgDiscovery Education continues to bring amazing authors and thinkers to us via Webinars!  Today I participated in a webinar with Don Tapscott, author of  Wikinomics and the soon to be released MacroWikinomics.  Tapscott stated that, “We are at a punctuation point in human history.”  “While institutions are collapsing, people are self-organizing.”  One of the collapsing institutions is the education system in which the teacher is viewed as the possessor of information which is to be disseminated to the students.  Tapscott mentioned how some college students are pushing back by asking why should they attend a lecture when they could just read the professor’s notes.  He identified 5 Principles for the Age of Networked Intelligence:  collaboration, openness, sharing, interdependence, and integrity.  While Tapscott had no easy answers for us as educators, it is clear that our system of education and our classroom structures need to reflect this new Age of Networked Intelligence.


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