First Impressions of Windows 7


I’ve seen the ads, I’ve read the reviews, and I couldn’t wait to get a copy of Windows 7 to see how it worked for myself.  Admitedly, I was nervous about upgrading my computer (from Vista), worried that something would go wrong and I’d no longer be able to connect to my home wireless network, printer, or use the programs that I love.  My computer is about four years old and I wondered if it could handle the upgrade.

I did have a few problems during the upgrade process.  I was prompted to upgrade a few drivers, but upgrading the drivers caused my CD/DVD drive to no longer be recognized by the computer.  Luckily I’m pretty good with troubleshooting, and with the help of Microsoft’s support website, I fixed that problem.  I was frustrated, and the entire process of upgrading took at least six hours. 

However, once the upgrade process completed, it’s been smooth sailing.  I like the look and the feel.   After using it for three days, I’ve already discovered four  features that I REALLY LIKE:

  • Speed and sound:  My computer is quieter and boots up much quicker! 
  • Voice Recognition:  I cannot believe that it works so well.  I completed the 20 minute tutorial to learn to use it and to begin to “train” my computer to recognize my words, and that was it.   I’ve seen demos of Dragon and I think it works just as good. 
  • Libraries:  I take a lot of pictures and they are scattered all over the place.  Windows7 keeps track of all the folders and files with pictures in them.  It does the same thing with videos, documents, and music.
  • Power Settings:  The default settings make sense.  Putting the computer to sleep when not in use for a bit actually works.

I know I need to spend more time checking out all the features (like using Windows Live MovieMaker), but my first impression is that Windows 7 is a huge  improvement over XP and Vista.  Tutorials are available on the Microsoft website (scroll down to see them all).  If you are are thinking of upgrading, my advice is to do it!


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