DEN Summer Institute 2010 Comes to a End


It’s so sad to admit it, but yes, the Summer Institute at Bentley University has ended. The pillows, blankets, sheets and towels are off to the laundry. Keys were turned in. Sharing resources, networking, attending workshop sessions comprised the bulk of the DEN Summer Institute.


The Canadian DEN Stars who attended the conferences blogged about their experiences daily on the National DEN Blog during the Summer Institute.


Behind the scenes we will also remember the laughs (especially the Hollywood Night Dress-Up affair), new ideas, and the new friends we have made.  Edmodo posts updating new Web 2.0 features, funny videos, and friends trips home were shared. Twitter updates were filled with goodbyes and friendly “let’s keep in touch virtually.” No worries, next year 2011 DEN Summer Institute is around the corner.


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