You remember Hypermedia, that crazy 80”s dream of an info-age future where newspapers would just know your info interests and deliver them to some kind of tablet, always current, and totally personalized?


Well that’s Flipboard, new software (circa Wednesday) for the iPad that publishes people and subjects you follow from place like Facebook, Twitter, and about 63 web other publications and blogs like TechCrunch, Wired, Huffington Post, and Onion to name a few.


And Flipboard’s no slouch when it comes to page layout, considering it working with just the links it discovers. There’s some serious Mojo built in because it somehow, all by itself, places available photos and text it finds into a surprisingly visual page. Yep, the magazine pages turn and you can flip ahead, leave and return where you left off, or tap to view the complete web post.


I hope marketing folk at DE are listening because if they “tweet” and I’m following, suddenly I’m leafing thorough their latest-breaking-cool-stuff, in a “magazine” that they NEVER published, that looks like Life! Forget the humble tweets and the 140-character limits. This is readable. And for educators, huge!


It might help to move this window over and watch the video linked below, especially if you’ve been forced to Facebook (or Twitter) without actually knowing the reason why.



It’s completely free!?

This might just be why you got that iPad.


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